imsohighandsolow asked:
hello po my wechat k po

sorry but i am not that active in socialĀ  networks :)

Anonymous asked:
hand job or blow job?


Anonymous asked:
shave o wax?


Anak, why wait for 11:11, when God is there 24/7? Paki explain! Lab U!
(via donyaina)
Anonymous asked:
How often do you masturbate?

never ever. maybe soon.

malebug-loves-tth asked:
may experience ka na ba sa sex?

i already answered this question. just read my post.

Anonymous asked:
Please narrate your latest sexual experience.

so far it was merely a super torrid kissing scene with my hubby. when we come to the point my boyfriend asked if he could fuck me, but i refused so what i did i just masturbate him. haha funny but true.

Anonymous asked:
are you a virgin? :)

my hymen was not yet broken meaning i’m 100% virgin.

Anonymous asked:
would you go for a one night stand?

kapagod tumayo buong gabi. haha

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